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Seller FAQs

How can I participate in a Rapaport Auction?

The first step is to register here. An account manager from Rapaport Auctions will then contact you and coordinate your participation in the auctions of your choice. Suppliers will be asked to complete the Auction Supplier Form and will then be authorized to submit diamonds for sale subject to approval by Auction Support. All registered clients receive a unique user login and password enabling access to the Rapaport Auctions website.

How do sellers submit diamonds to the auction?

  1. Contact a Trading representative by e-mailing auctions@rapaport.com or calling +1-800-488-9108.
  2. Rapaport will inspect the goods and review the reserve prices before accepting them for the auction.

What types of goods are accepted for auction?

Our Melee Auctions consist of uncertified goods that are sold in parcels ranging in size from -2.5 sieve plate to two caraters. They feature the following:
  • Finely assorted melee
  • Mixed breakout
  • Broken goods
  • Close-out goods
Our Single Stone auctions consist of a wide variety of certified and uncertified polished diamonds in round and fancy cuts, ranging from 0.30ct to 5ct+.

What is the minimum/maximum amount to supply to an auction?

In regards to melee, it is important to keep the value of the lot over $10,000 but less than $35,000. We keep a minimum value per lot so as not to overwhelm the buyers with too many lots to view, and we keep a max cap on the value to keep bidders competitive.

Our single stone minimum is 50 points and above

The maximum amount ranges on a case by case basis. Companies that submit for the first time are held to a maximum value they may submit. That value will change depending on their ongoing percentage of sales.

How is delivery and shipping of diamonds to the Rapaport offices handled?

Merchandise approved for submission must be delivered to the designated Rapaport office no later than four business days prior to the auction. If the stones are not sold, they can be picked up following the auction. All shipping costs to and from Rapaport and the supplier will be paid by the supplier. Rapaport fully insures all diamonds while they are on our premises.

How soon after the auction are results released?

In general, suppliers will be notified of the results the night that the auction closes.

When do sellers receive payment for the sold goods?

All sellers are paid approximately seven days after the auction close for all lots sold. Rapaport guarantees that the seller will receive payment for the diamond less commission or the diamond will be returned to the seller.

Can diamonds be listed elsewhere while they’re in auction?

Once diamonds are accepted for the auction, they are exclusive to the auction and must be removed from RapNet and all other public listings.

Are there fees to participate?

There is a 5% charge on all diamonds sold. More details may be received from your Trading Manager.
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