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The Rapaport trading division is the premier B2B diamond auction house and the leading reseller of diamonds in the world. Rapaport Auctions provide an excellent opportunity for the diamond trade to buy and sell diamonds at cash prices. The large quantities and wide variety of merchandise offered attract competitive bids from a broad range of local and international buyers. Rapaport Auctions is committed to addressing the needs of the international diamond community for enhanced liquidity while presenting unprecedented buying opportunities.
Buying Through Rapaport Auctions

Rapaport Auctions provide industry members with unprecedented buying opportunities and feature a wide variety of diamonds in all shapes, sizes and qualities. Our melee and single stone auctions feature mixed breakout, close-out, and finely assorted melee parcels as well as larger certified and uncertified stones. Auctions are held in our trading headquarters in New York, Israel, Hong Kong, Belgium and other global locations. Our monthly auctions are the prime venue for buyers, creating an efficient and effective marketplace.

To schedule an appointment for one of our upcoming auctions, please call our Trading Managers at +1-800-488-9108 or e-mail auctions@rapaport.com.

Selling Through Rapaport Auctions

The Rapaport Trading division is one of the largest recyclers of diamonds in the world. We assist retailers, gold buyers, wholesalers and pawnbrokers sell their diamonds quickly and efficiently and provide consistent cash flow through our monthly auctions. With more than 13,000 clients in over 70 countries, our auctions foster competitive bids from the most serious buyers around the world. These make Rapaport Auctions the prime venue – whether you are buying from the public or looking to move excess inventory for immediate cash.

We make submitting your diamonds for auction easy and seamless. Whether you have 1 or 1,000 diamonds, Rapaport’s team of experienced traders and gemologists is dedicated to achieving the highest price for you. This allows you to focus on your business while we focus on selling your diamonds.

If you are interested in submitting melee or single stones into one of our upcoming auctions, please call our Trading Managers at +1-800-488-9108 or e-mail auctions@rapaport.com.

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Rapaport Auction Process
  • Auctions typically run over a 5-10 day span.
  • Once all bids from buyers are submitted and calculated, top bid results are sent to sellers.
  • Sellers generally have until the following day to either accept or reject top bid prices for each lot.
  • Invoices are then sent to buyers for all lots that were accepted.
  • Buyers have three business days to pay the invoices in full.
  • Sellers are paid within 7 business days from the closing date.
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Upcoming Auctions

Single Stone Auction
October 22 - 25
Catalog Live:10/22/17
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Single Stone Auction
October 25 - November 1
New York & Israel
October 25-26 - New York
October 29 - November 1 - Israel 
Catalog Live:10/25/17
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Melee Auction
November 7 - 15
New York & Dubai
November 7-9 - New York
November 12-15 - Dubai  
Catalog Live:11/07/17
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