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Rough Tenders
The Rapaport Group will be holding rough diamond tenders for suppliers to achieve fair market value for their diamonds. Rapaport is dedicated to providing the diamond mining sector with a secure and robust platform to ensure they can achieve reliable and consistent cash flow as well as maximize the price of their diamond production.
Rapaport Advantage
  • Rapaport Auctions maximize the global exposure of your diamonds through our rough diamond tenders
  • Rapaport’s global reach of over 18,000 clients ensures that our suppliers get the most competitive bids for their merchandise
Global Exposure
  • Our tenders draw the most serious diamond and jewelry manufacturers from all major trading centers
  • The tenders attract 80-100 of the strongest buyers on the market with consistent orders and demand for original diamond production
  • More buyers equals more bids, more bids equals higher prices
  • The reliable frequency of Rapaport Tenders offers sellers consistent opportunities to receive cash for their diamonds
  • Seamless and risk free environment for suppliers and buyers
  • All sellers have the ability to accept or reject the highest bid received
  • Rapaport staff has dedicated rough diamond professionals that have accumulated significant experience during their many years trading in the rough sector
  • Expert global trading staff has the knowledge and expertise of who specializes in each category of diamonds and will proactively target the strongest buyers to bid on your diamonds
  • Dedicated account team provides first class service ensuring positive experience for all customers
  • Over 10 years of secure tender experience with proprietary and specialty online tender software
  • Rapaport is the industry’s trusted authority in diamond pricing
  • Rapaport physically handles over $2 billion in diamonds a year
  • The global industry trusts Rapaport as a recognized global tender house so they can submit bids with confidence
Rapaport Added Value Services
  • Professional sorting services are provided to ensure specialty buyers can bid as competitively as possible to provide the highest prices
  • Specialized boiling of diamonds is done to provide a clean and high quality presentation so buyers bid more aggressively and with more confidence
  • Global logistics - established international logistics management systems are in place to securely and smoothly ship diamonds internationally
  • Cash Advance program provides immediate funds to all suppliers submitting diamonds to tender

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November 7 - 15
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