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Rapaport Auctions provides industry members with a unique platform to sell diamonds at cash prices. The Rapaport Trading division is one of the largest recyclers of diamonds in the world. Our mission is to assist retailers, gold buyers, wholesalers and pawnbrokers sell their diamonds quickly and efficiently and provide consistent cash flow through our monthly auctions. With a reach of over 13,000 global clients, we target the most qualified buyers to ensure the most competitive cash market prices for your diamonds.

We are a value-based organization and thrive on our long-term relationships. As a seller, you will be provided with an expert trading team dedicated to maximizing the value of your merchandise achieved at auction. Our reliable monthly auctions held in our trading headquarters in New York, Israel, Hong Kong, and Belgium offer you consistent opportunities to receive the best cash prices for your diamonds. There is no risk in submitting your diamonds to auction, as you will always have the ability to accept or reject the highest bid received for each lot.

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Why Rapaport Auctions?
  • Rapaport targets qualified buyers to ensure the most competitive cash market prices for your diamonds
  • Rapaport provides each seller with an expert trading team dedicated to maximizing the value received at Rapaport Auctions
  • Reliable monthly Rapaport Auctions offer sellers consistent opportunities to receive cash for their diamonds
  • Submitting your diamonds for Rapaport Auctions is easy and seamless
  • No risk submitting your diamonds - seller has the ability to accept or reject highest bid price
  • Rapaport's trustworthy reputation offers the peace of mind that your diamonds are secure
Auction Format
Rapaport Melee and Single Stone Auctions are similar to silent auctions and tenders with viewing over a specific period of time. All sealed bids must be placed by the specified deadline to be counted for that auction. Once the auction closes, suppliers have 1 business day to approve or reject the highest bids. Buyers are then invoiced for all lots accepted and are required to pay within 3 business days. Suppliers are paid upon the completion of the collection process.
To Participate As a Seller
Submitting Your Diamonds
Contact the Rapaport Trading Team notifying them of your interest in submitting your melee or single stones to a specific auction.
  Download Auction Submission Form Here
  • Invoices are generally issued to buyers one day after the auction closes
  • Buyers must make full payment up to 3 business days after invoices are issued
  • Suppliers are paid once the collection process is complete (1 week after invoicing)
Value-Added Services
In addition to selling your merchandise, Rapaport provides guidance and value-added services to enable suppliers to achieve the highest cash market prices. Additional value-added services include:
  • Sorting
  • Boiling
  • Certification services
All goods supplied are fully insured under Rapaport’s policy

All participants in Rapaport Auctions must comply with U.S. Patriot Act and OFAC regulations. The Rapaport Group does not deal in diamonds from Marange, Zimbabwe, or diamonds directly involved in human rights violations.
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Upcoming Auctions

Single Stone Auction
October 22 - 25
Catalog Live:10/22/17
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Single Stone Auction
October 25 - November 1
New York & Israel
October 25-26 - New York
October 29 - November 1 - Israel 
Catalog Live:10/25/17
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Melee Auction
November 7 - 15
New York & Dubai
November 7-9 - New York
November 12-15 - Dubai  
Catalog Live:11/07/17
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