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Podcast Episode 21: Googling Billy Porter

January 14, 2020

RAPAPORT... The Rapaport Diamond Podcast ushers in the new year with a review of the holiday season and some bold predictions for 2020.

Is this the year of retail refurbishment? Will rough buying become more demand-driven? How is De Beers relating to sightholders going into lab-grown? Will John stick to his fitness regime and Sonia to her goal of being more mindful? And will Billy Porter steal the show again at this year’s Academy Awards?

The Rapaport team explores these and many other pressing issues affecting the diamond trade in Episode 21 of the podcast.

Listen here:

Images, from left to right: Rough diamonds; an open road; Billy Porter. (De Beers; Shutterstock; @theebillyporter/Instagram)

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