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Sarine Wins Lawsuit Against Indian Manufacturer

November 23, 2021

RAPAPORT... A Surat judge has issued an injunction against an Indian diamond manufacturer prohibiting it from infringing on software belonging to Sarine Technologies.

Rudra Diam may not use any pirated versions of the technology company’s Advisor diamond-planning program and must also purchase the legal software, Sarine said Monday.

“This is an important step in Sarine’s ongoing efforts to protect its valuable intellectual property,” said Sarine CEO David Block. “We are committed to enforcing Sarine’s rights and to protect its enormous investment against any and all attempts by other parties to produce and/or use infringing products. We intend to leverage this judicial result and follow through with similar lawsuits against other users of pirated and infringing software.”

Sarine has previously pursued legal action against Indian entrepreneurs for supplying diamond manufacturers with illegally copied versions of its Advisor software as well its patented technology for internal-inclusion mapping.

Rapaport News was unable to contact Rudra Diam for comment.

Image: The Sarine lab in Israel. (Sarine Technologies)

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