• Rapaport Diamond Auctions
    Rapaport Diamond Auctions
    The Premier Diamond Auction House
    The Largest Recycler of Diamonds in the World
  • Reliable Monthly Auctions
    Reliable Monthly Auctions
    Providing Consistent Cash Flow
  • Global Exposure for Your Diamonds
    Global Exposure for Your Diamonds
    Target the Strongest Buyers
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    Melee Auction
    July 16-25 New York & Dubai
  • Upcoming SS Auction Promo
    Single Stone Auction
    July 31- August 7 New York & Israel
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Rapaport Auctions provides buyers with a unique platform to buy diamonds every month at cash prices. Rapaport’s professional team of diamond traders consolidates diamonds from suppliers around the globe motivated to sell at fair cash market prices. With monthly auctions held in New York, Israel, Dubai, Hong Kong, and Belgium, our auctions provide buyers with consistent opportunities to purchase large quantities and a wide variety of diamonds at competitive market prices.



Rapaport Auctions, the premier B2B diamond auction house, is the leading reseller of diamonds worldwide. Rapaport provides a unique and reliable monthly auction platform for industry members to sell their diamonds and receive the most competitive cash market prices. With a reach of over 18,000 global clients and monthly auctions in all major diamond trading centers, Rapaport provides sellers with the opportunity to receive fair market value and consistent cash flow for your diamond inventory.


How it Works

Participating in Rapaport Melee and Single Stone auctions is easy and seamless. Our dedicated Trading Managers and diamond specialists provide exceptional customer service to all clients and ensure that the auction experience is a smooth and hassle-free one.


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