Added-Value Services

Ensuring clients receive premium value for their diamonds

Rapaport’s team of expert traders and gemologists ensures clients receive premium value for their diamonds at auction by providing strategic selling guidance and value-added services for optimum lot presentation. Suppliers benefit from over 35 years of diamond know-how, with Rapaport a trusted source in global diamond trading and market analysis.


Specialized boiling of diamonds provides a clean, high-quality presentation, encouraging buyers to bid more aggressively and with greater confidence.


Professional sorting services are provided to ensure specialty buyers can bid as competitively as possible to achieve the most competitive prices. Detailed sorting can be done for shape, size, color, and clarity and recommendations for best lot assortments will be presented to suppliers for all submitted lots.

Market Intelligence

As the leading provider of diamond price and market information, Rapaport provides clients with a solid understanding of industry news and trends through its up-to-the-minute reporting, research, and in-depth analysis. Rapaport’s comprehensive and objective reporting and analyses provide the industry with a clear overview of the current state of the global diamond market.

Online Brokerage Services

Rapaport’s U.S. Diamond® online brokerage services provides buyers with opportunities to source and purchase diamonds directly out of manufacturing at cash market prices. Rapaport’s trading division is stationed in every trading center and works on sourcing goods at the best market prices. We are dedicated to providing buyers from around the world a comfortable, transparent and seamless transaction.

To find out more or register to participate in Rapaport’s U.S. Diamond® online brokerage services, please contact us.