Refining Services

Complete Refining Service for All of Your Gold and Platinum Jewelry

How it Works

  • Send your jewelry to Rapaport’s secure New York headquarters for refining and stone removal.

  • Payments for your metals will be sent to you within two business days of the refining being completed.

  • Recovered diamonds from your melt can be submitted to Rapaport’s monthly diamond auctions, where we are dedicated to maximizing the value received for your recycled diamonds and jewelry.

  • Enjoy an easy and seamless process from start to finish.

Why Rapaport Refining Services?

  • Easy

    Seamless turn-key process

  • Quick

    Turnaround and payment

  • Maximize

    Return on all of your melts

  • Premium Prices

    Achieved for your diamonds through our monthly auctions

  • Peace of Mind

    With Rapaport’s established reputation as a trusted company

Rapaport is your trusted one-stop shop for all of your diamond selling needs

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